Maurizio Tangerini

Maurizio - Olio su carta intelaiata 100 x 70

I was born in Cento, in the province of Ferrara in 1958, I live in Casalecchio di Reno (Bologna).
The passion and aptitude for drawing and painting have always accompanied me from my early days of boy to adulthood.
Growing among professors and teachers at the club of the DLF my town I honed my skills and contacts connected with the creative community present in my province.
Following this I then entered the Academy of “Fine Arts” in Bologna, where I graduated in the principal chair of painting by Prof. E.Contini a thesis with the same professor and professor of Art History Prof. Walter Guadagnini of Lucian Freud, painter and grandson of the famous Sigmund Freud.
My work consists also in sculpture, engraving and in all other forms and techniques of painting. They represent views and bright tone, cities and places of my contemporary; this work is flanked challenging figure studies of realism bodied, plastic shapes shades of vitality and vigor.
Light and color are my most obvious expressions, tools for finding a mental dimension where the main purpose is to achieve a size and a state of mind that the passing of our hectic daily made us overlook.
These are the stimuli that reflect a nature researcher and worker, always looking towards a rediscovery of the new: it is indeed a testimony of my work, always very different.
I have exhibited in various cities of Italy in group and solo exhibitions. I work in my studio Casalecchio and teach in various cultural circles of my city.
I teach courses in drawing, anatomy and figure, watercolor and oil painting.